Since 1952, Pontetorto fabric collections have been the highest expression of a profound textile culture, all Italian, in a perpetual dialogue between tradition and modernity. An excellence that comes to life in one of the most evolved textile districts in the world, that of Prato, where passion and dedication are breathed in, where an ancient and virtuous competition has been able to generate the most absolute exclusivity, those fabrics that all over the world make us proud to be Italian.

Among the textile innovations that have most revolutionised the clothing industry, the introduction of fleece, developed by Pontetorto in 1985, is certainly one of the most important. This enlightened project gave rise to the Tecnopile line, which definitively established Pontetorto’s role in the global textile scene. 

With the same vision, with the same enthusiasm, with a company philosophy based on constant updates to guarantee an evolved product Pontetorto today successfully operates in the sports and fashion market.  Thanks to the most modern technologies, a production chain of absolute value and the expertise of its workforce, it is positioned as a quality reference in the global textile scene.


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